Your Childhood Or Your Childhood Memories (তোমার শৈশবকাল/তোমার শৈশবকালের স্মৃতি)

Your Childhood Or Your Childhood Memories (তোমার শৈশবকাল/তোমার শৈশবকালের স্মৃতি)

Your Childhood Or Your Childhood Memories (তোমার শৈশবকাল/তোমার শৈশবকালের স্মৃতি)

Introduction: Childhood is the period from birth to 10 years. One does not remember everything that happened in his childhood. But the important events are stored in the subconscious mind. My childhood is a mixture of joys and sorrows. Whenever I am sick of the present I seek relief in the past and fondly recall the memories of my childhood. 

My birth and parentage: I can hardly remember anything before I was five. I was born in a small village in the district of Khulna. My father was a government officer and my mother was a housewife. I lived very happily with my parents, brothers, and sisters.

My childhood: There was a small field adjacent to our house where we played sometimes. A big banyan tree was there in the midst of the field. Hundreds of birds made their nests in that tree. Sometimes I used to go with other boys near that tree.

The village Maktab: The village Maktab is an interesting memory of my childhood. We all the children of our locality gathered there and learned our lessons with a great noise. The Maktab was very crowdy. The maulvi never got irritated at our noise. We all loved and respected him very much. The Maulavi was a very good man. He taught great care and fatherly affection.

Holidays: The holiday was a special attraction for us. We had been waiting for every holiday. We enjoyed the holiday very much. During holidays we sometimes stole away and went to the railway line. We watched how the trains passed with innumerable unknown faces. Sometimes I went swimming in the river with other children. I felt a thrill of joy when I swam on the waves of the small river.

My stay in my grandmother's house: During long holidays my father used to send us to our grandmother's home. There we had lots of fun we were free like anything: We climbed mango trees picked ripe mangoes and ate them to our hearts' content. We swam and played. The whole day we were busy collecting blackberries, litchis, and whatever fruits we could get hold of.

In the town: My happy days did not last long. Our family shifted to Khulna town. I was admitted into a school. I felt that my school fellows had no brotherly feelings for one another as we had in the village. There was freedom. Life became a machine. Above all, I missed all the charms and joys of life that I had in my village. But gradually I could adjust myself to town life.

Conclusion: Thus I spent my childhood amidst a lot of charms and thrills, amidst joys and sorrows. I am now a young man but I still cherish the sweet and bitter memories of my childhood days spent in the charming environment of my village.

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