TV Watching is Harmful to Students

TV Watching is Harmful to Students

TV Watching is Harmful to Students

Students, especially children are fond of watching television. They spend a lot of time before it. Even they eat sitting before a TV set. There are a lot of programs at home and abroad that attract students because of their tender age. Watching TV is harmful to students in many ways. I believe it, so will put my arguments for my opinion.

First of all, it is a waste of time. The students are fond of cartoons and serials. As there are a large number of TV channels, they can sit before the TV set for hours together to enjoy the programs of their choice. This takes away much of their valuable time of study.

TV watching makes the students tired. They lose much of their energy and after some hours they feel sleepy. So, they cannot concentrate on study. Watching TV is harmful to eyesight. Those who watch TV for long have a headache and feel pain in their eyes. They also suffer from problems with their eyes and have to take power glasses to rectify damage to their eyesight.

Children are imitative by nature. They want to follow the people or events they see. So, some incidents happened that after watching TV boys following the hero jumped from rooftop. The result was obvious death to the boys. The movies also instigate them to quarrel with others and influence them to adopt some form of terrorist activities as they have seen on TV. 

There are a large number of examples that demonstrate young boys and girls following TV actors and actresses only to bring severe damage to their lives. TV advertisements have a tremendous influence on the students. It is rare that a student wanted to get up early in the morning to enjoy its charms after seeing it on TV. 

But it is almost common that they want to taste a particular brand of ice cream as soon as they have seen it on TV.  Children are not interested in educative programs, even if they do not like programs on animals, tourism, and Bangladeshi folk songs. Rather they are fond of cartoons, pop music, English movies, and Indian serials. Watching TV in this way leads the students to such a fancy state of mind that they develop some bad tastes. 

They become arrogant to others, disrespectful to parents, critical to teachers, and inimical to friends. They fail in love and even commit suicide when they are deserted. They cut a sorry figure in the examinations and become frustrated. Sometimes, they take drugs and become addicted to it. They become more mature than their age. So, TV watching is harmful to students.

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