Television May Be Used as a Medium of Education

Television May Be Used as a Medium of Education

Television May Be Used as a Medium of Education

Television is the most up-to-date means of communication which has proved its superiority over other means of mass communication. This thought of mechanism was first imagined by the German scientist, Paul Nepkov.

In present days, television has become very much popular. It has become almost the symbol of wealth and culture. However, this invention can play a great role in the sphere of education.

Model teaching is done through Bangladesh Televisión. Bangladesh Institute of Distance Education (BIDE), for example, is doing wonderful work through television. Bangladesh Open University (BOU) also holds a bright prospect in such a step of educating students. 

Moreover, in order to remove mass illiteracy television may play an important role. Programs based on introductory primary knowledge can be telecast more and more. Again through television, political leaders can make the people aware of their programs and this can form public opinion. 

Thus consciousness can be arisen among the people, in Western countries television is being used for the well-being of the people with great success.

Television produces the effect of an audio-visual method of instruction. It entertains and instructs as well. Thus the supremacy of television cannot be ignored; It is a boon of science for mankind, especially in the sphere of education.

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