Computer Education for Bangladesh

Computer Education for Bangladesh

Computer Education for Bangladesh

We live in the age of science and technology. The invention of the computer is really a miracle of science for today's world. The computer has brought about a revolutionary change in our everyday life. In this era, computer education is a must to cope with the rat race world. Modern life is fully dependent on computers. Hence, the importance of computer education is undeniable.

Computers are used in offices, courts, agricultural and business firms, educational institutions, and where the computer is not used! To run a plane or a train, the computer is mostly used. Today young graduates are expected with a fair knowledge of computers to perform office work smoothly. 

So, computer education is a necessity now. Without the knowledge of computers, we cannot move an inch in our job, business as well as communication. It is a matter of clicking the mouse now. We can reach the other corner of the world by dint of a computer. 

We just need to connect a modem to our computer to browse the internet. The basic literacy of computers is a bare necessity. Computer courses are now part of academic curricula. 'Computer Studies' has been introduced as an optional subject both in SSC and HSC examinations. 

The lack of adequate physical facilities, computers, and qualified teachers is the reason that very few students are opting for these courses. The experience of other countries shows that teaching computer programming by incompetent teachers may do more harm than good. Therefore, teachers 'training is necessary.

There are very few standard institutes that are giving high-quality IT education in Bangladesh, but their cost is so high that they are barely within the reach of the general people. Many private organizations have opened independent institutes. 

These are mostly concentrated in the capital city. These are running without proper syllabus and technical qualities. The government has already started a project to develop computer programmers in Bangladesh.

It is a matter of pleasure that the most modern kind biggest computer in the country has been set up recently at Computer Science Institute. on the premises of AERI at Savar. 

It is expected that this will open a new chapter in the country about computer education. Finally, it should be noted that to cope with the present world there is no alternative to receiving computer education.

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