Cyber Crime in Bangladesh

Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime - Bangladesh

Cybercrime is a newer way of committing crimes across the world. It is a widely discussed issue nowadays. Cybercrime is one of the most dangerous criminal activities. The present world is witnessing this now. Major attacking incidents are being performed by using the internet at a cyber cafe. That's why, it is called cyber crimes. 

Terrorist groups are very active in committing such crimes. The rate of cybercrime is on the rise across the world with the boon of modern science and technology. Cyber cafe is considered the latest crime zone for crimes. Many others are engaged in hacking others' secret files and documents and collecting information about many important matters.

Criminals can send a threat mail to their target people anytime from anywhere. They need not go a long distance to take attempt the life of one person. They send a mail first and then wait for the attack. Blackmailing is a part of cybercrime. 

Women and children are easy prey to the clutches of criminals. Criminals can easily blackmail a girl by taking her nude photo and threatening her to give them hush money. Otherwise, they post naked pictures online. It is a serious nuisance in the present world.

Cybercrime is a growing concern across the world. The ongoing major subversive or sabotage activities are being done using cybercafes. Militant groups or fundamentalists have resorted to cybercrime. 

The criminal gang mobilizes an adequate number of accomplices for attacking an important person or a landmark place/establishment by using a cyber cafe. It is the bane of modern science and information technology.

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