Greenhouse Effect on Bangladesh

Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouse Effect on Bangladesh

The greenhouse effect is a dangerous reactive type of effect that influences our nature violently. The greenhouse effect causes natural imbalance. It is dangerous for living creatures on Earth.

The concept of the greenhouse effect evolves from the greenhouse which actually means a glass house built to protect trees from cold air. As these greenhouses are made of glass, they trap the sunlight and do not let it escape. 

This trapped sunlight keeps the interior of the house hot for the tree to prepare food. In the atmosphere, a similar thing takes place where carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, which are known as greenhouse gases, cause the greenhouse effect. For various reasons, these two gases are increasing in the air. 

This increased heat is not only causing an imbalance in our ecology but also melting the ice of the polar region, as a result, raising the sea level.

There are many causes of greenhouse effects. Deforestation and the burning down of tropical forests, the rapid growth of unplanned industries, overpopulation, pollution, increase in temperature, etc. are the causative factors of the greenhouse effect.

In recent years, it has been noticed that world temperatures are increasing day by day. This increase in global warming is caused by the increased amount of carbon dioxide gas around the earth. 

Like the glass houses for the plants in western cold countries, our atmosphere is guarded by the ozone layer which resists the entrance of ultraviolet rays from the sun. If the such condition goes on for a long time, the world will be hotter. 

There will be drought throughout the world. There will be an increase in violent storms. The rivers will overflow their banks causing frequent floods. Greenhouse effects make the climate warm. parts of our country etc. will go under the water of the sea.

To prevent the dangerous effects of the greenhouse, necessary steps should be taken immediately. People should not be allowed to cut down trees, because trees play an important role in fighting the greenhouse effect. A campaign for tree plantation should be introduced. 

Mills and factories should be set up in a very planned way. The climate of the world is undergoing a significant change. The temperatures are increasing day by day on account of the greenhouse effect. So measures should be taken to prevent such an undesirable situation.

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