Composition: Students and Social Services

Students and Social Services

Students and Social Services

A student lives in a society. He has some duties and responsibilities towards society. By performing these duties and responsibilities, a student can learn social manners. So students and social workers are closely connected.

The period which is spent in schools, colleges, and universities to acquire knowledge, experience, and social value is called student life. It is the seed time of life. A student has to build up his character and career during this period.

Social service means serving society. Social service is rendered selflessly. During natural calamities like cyclones. earthquake, flood, and famine, social workers stretch their helping hands to the distressed humanity.

The main responsibility of the student is to learn their lesson. Apart from learning, they have some social duties. They can come with their helping hands to serve the suffering humanity during natural calamities and national crises. As conscious citizens of society, they cannot remain aloof (a) from society or from social service.

The students can teach their illiterate fathers, mother, brother, sisters, uncles, aunts, and neighbors. It will help eradicate illiteracy. The students can help the farmers with their knowledge of cultivation. They may counsel the farmers on how to use pesticides, manure, and chemical fertilizer. 

They can make them aware of the bad effects of pesticides and fertilizers. They can advise the peasants to use the best seeds in their fields. They may find out the way in which the farmers can grow more crops on their lands.

The students can help the common people by telling them about the dangerous effect of population explosion. They may request the couples to follow the rules of family planning and to keep their family small by taking only one or two children.

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