Composition: Rivers of Bangladesh

Rivers of Bangladesh

Rivers of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of rivers. The country has more than 230 rivers. All the rivers are a great asset for the country. Our agriculture, energy sector, waterway communication, trade and commerce, etc. greatly depend on our rivers.

The main rivers of the country are the Padma, the Meghna, The Jamuna, and the Karnafuli.

The Karnafuli rises from the Lusai Mountains. The other rivers rise from the Himalayas and fall into the Bay of Bengal.

Our agriculture greatly depends on our rivers. We get water from our rivers around the year. The river water is essential for irrigation. All the rivers have made our soil fertile and alluvial. So, our farmers easily grow all kinds of crops.

Our rivers are a great source of fish. Fish is our main food along with rice. Fish is a source of nutrition. It is also our national wealth. Many people earn their living by catching and selling fish. We earn a lot of foreign exchange by exporting Hilshas and Kippers.

In communication, our rivers play a vital role. All the water vehicles play on across the rivers. The vehicles carry goods and passengers. Water-way communication is cheap and comfortable.

Our rivers have great importance in trade and commerce. Thousands of hats, bazaars, mills, and factories are on the banks of the rivers. Goods are easily carried across the rivers. Almost all the towns and the big cities are also not the banks of the rivers.

Our rivers are also a great source of energy. Many of the rivers can be used to produce hydroelectricity. The Karnafuli Hydro-electricity project is an example of it.

Our art and culture are greatly influenced by the rivers. Hundreds of lyrics and poems have been written about our rivers.

The rivers also do harm to us. They become full to the brim in the rainy season. They flood our farmland. They destroy our houses. They kill men and domestic animals.

In fine, we can say that our rivers are a great asset for us. They should be used properly. Then we will get more benefits from them.

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