Value of Time (সময়ের মূল্য) Composition 250 words paragraph in English

Value of Time (সময়ের মূল্য)

Value of Time (সময়ের মূল্য)

Introduction: Time is the most valuable asset of human life. Time is money, says the proverb. Our life on earth is dependent on time for existence and development.

Life is short: Life is nothing but the sum total of some moments. Our life is very short, but we have a lot of duties during this short span of time. Time is always on the movement. It does not take rest. so the proverb goes that "Time and tide wait for none." If time is once gone it is gone forever. One minute of wasting means one minute of losing.

Proper use of time: As our life is short and time is very limited we are to make the best use of every moment .of time. If we use our time properly we must succeed. Those who use time in the wrong way must suffer in the long run.

Time's value for students: For students, time is one of the major factors. A student preparing for the life to come does not receive an immediate return in monetary terms. But this preparation is meant to secure his money in the future. If his preparation is. good, he will succeed and if it is poor he will fail. So waste of time is at the root of all miseries.

Youth, the preparatory period of life: All time of human life is valuable, but there are moments that are more precious than the rest. Youth is the most opportune moment of every human life. It is called the preparatory period of life when the body is strong and the mind is vigorous. It is the time for acquiring knowledge and cultivating our faculties. The success of life completely depends on the proper use of this opportune moment. 

Prosperity rests on the proper use of time: In life, proper preparation is essential for success and happiness. Time is flowing out. It waits for none. If this valuable asset is wasted in idleness and gossip we are bound to face miseries in the future. History shows that those who used their time rightly prospered.

Conclusion: Our life is very short. Within this short span of life, we have to do a lot of work. So time should not be wasted at all. We should strictly follow the time division.

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