Composition: The Rice ( Write a composition in not more than 250 words about 'Rice' )

Write a composition in not more than 250 words about 'Rice'.

অনধিক ২৫০ শব্দে ''ধান" সম্বন্ধে একটি রচনা লেখ।

The Rice (ধান)

Composition: The Rice ( Write a composition in not more than 250 words about 'Rice' )

Introduction: Rice is the most popular food crop in Bangladesh. It is called our staple food. We get rice from a plant called paddy. About half of the world's population lives on rice.

Where grown: Rice grows well in low land in warm and moist climates. So it grows in plenty in Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Burma, China, Japan, and some other countries of South East Asia. The United States of America grows plenty of rice.

Kinds: There are different kinds of rice. In our country, we have mainly four kinds of rice. They are Aush, Aman, Boro, and IRRI. 

A kind of very fine rice called Kishrabat is grown in Rajshahi and Dinajpur. The district of Barisal is also famous for fine rice. It was once called the granary of Bangladesh.

When and how grown: The paddy fields are first plowed and harrowed. The Aush is grown by sowing seeds and the Aman, Boro, and IRRI are grown by transplanting seedlings. The Aush is sown in Baishakh and harvested in Bhadra. 

Aman is sown in Baishakh. It is then transplanted in Ashar or Sravan and harvested in Pous. The Boro is sown in winter and harvested in spring. IRRI is grown all year round.

Preparation: When the paddy is ripening, they are cut down and tied up in bundles. Then the paddy is separated from the stalks by beating against a plank or trodden by a cow. 

We boil the paddy after separating it from the stalks, dry them in sun, and husk them. Thus we get boiled rice. But in the case of Atap rice, we do not boil the paddy. We only dry them in the sun and hask.

Uses: Most of the people of our country eat rice thrice daily. We also use rice in making Muri, Khai, Chira, Cakes, Breads, Payas, and so on. The stalk is dried into the straw which is excellent fuel and fodder for cattle. It is also used for making papers. Polau, Biriani, and Khichuri all are also made of rice. They are palatable and delicious. 

Conclusion: Rice is the most popular diet of the people of Bangladesh. They cannot do without rice even for a day. The meals of the poor consist of only boiled rice with salt or chili. 

So the fate of the nation depends mainly on the production of rice. Considering it we should pay more attention to growing more and more rice and becoming self-sufficient in rice.

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