Your Madrasah (তোমার মাদরাসা) Composition 250 words paragraph in English

Your Madrasah (তোমার মাদরাসা)

Your Madrasah (তোমার মাদরাসা)

Introduction: The madrasah in which I read is Madrasah-e-Alia, Dhaka. It is the oldest government educational institution in this sub-continent. So this madrasah has a long and glorious tradition. I feel proud of being a student of such a renowned madrasah.

Location: The then-British government established this madrasah at Calcutta in 1770. In 1947 it was transferred to Dhaka. Now it is situated at Bakshi Bazar in Dhaka.

Description: Our madrasah is housed in a four storied building. It is a large and spacious building having four rows. It has at least seventy rooms. There are the principal's room, the vice principal's room, the head mowlana's room, the office room, the teacher's lounge, the computer lab, laboratory rooms for physics, chemistry, and biology department, and library room and there are rooms for each department. There are a number of classrooms. In another compound near the madrasah building, there is a large hostel where at least 500 students reside. In front of the hostel building, there is a large playground. The madrasah has an auditorium of more than 1000 seats.

Madrasah Library: The madrasah library is one of the most famous libraries of this subcontinent. It has a lot of valuable and rare books. It has even the original manuscript of the great poet Ferdowsi. Every year the number of books is being increased. The government sanctions a handsome amount every year for the purchase of books for our college library. The library is a spacious one with almirahs arranged in rows and tables placed in the middle. Her books are arranged subject-wise.

Teaching staff: We have about 60 teachers. All of them are highly qualified. We are proud to say that all of our teachers are from the BCS cadre service. The Principal is a profound scholar, eminent educationist, and good administrator. He is popular with the teachers and affectionate with the students. He always looks to the welfare of the students.

Students: There are about two thousand students studying in the madrasah. Students attend from Dakhil to Kamil. There are different sections in each class. Students coming from outside the city live in the hostel. The students are loyal and punctual.

Results: In respect of results our madrasah is one of the best. Every year our madrasah cut excellent results in the board examination. Last year a number of students got A+ in both Dakhil and Alim examinations. The results of the Fazil and Kamil examinations are quite satisfactory. Every year more than ten students from each class obtain merit positions in the Madrasah Board.

Other contribution: In our madrasah, we arrange some cultural events regularly. In inter-madrasah game competitions, our madrasah is always winning prizes. The madrasah has a big playground. Our physical instructor himself is a good player. He trains us in various games and sports. Students play football, volleyball, and cricket there. They take part in different sports competitions with brilliant success.

Conclusion: It is Madrasah-e-Alia that played an important role in spreading Islamic education among Muslims when Muslims were neglected in many ways. Still, it is playing role in Islamic education in Bangladesh. 

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