Unemployment is the Main Cause of Terrorism

Unemployment is the Main Cause of Terrorism

Unemployment is the Main Cause of Terrorism

Unemployment means a situation or condition of having no job or employment. It further means that if a person is unemployed, he has no income to sustain his life. If a person does not have income, he/she has no money to buy food, clothing, and medicine. Besides, he/she has no money to have shelter and education. 

So, an unemployed person is deprived of all the basic needs of human beings. When a person is grown up, he/she needs money for himself/herself. He/she also needs money to sustain his/her family. If there is no employment in society, what will he/she do? 

He/she will try to manage money by any means. In our society, the youths find an easy way to earn money through terrorism in various forms. Sometimes they demand subscriptions from business firms, construction workers, and even professionals. They extract money from transport owners, shops, and vendors. 

They even take hostage of somebody and demand money for their release. There are some youths who snatch away bags, ornament' and other goods from pedestrians or rickshaw passengers. The most dangerous form of terrorism is killing with firearms, sometimes in darkness and sometimes in broad daylight. 

The youths do all these terrorist activities only because they need money for their survival. Some youths also engage themselves to fulfill their needs of drug addiction. But, whatever is the cause of terrorism, the basic thing is the necessity of money. So if a person is employed, he/she will earn money and lead a regulated life. 

He/she will dream of a beautiful future with his/her family. Then he/she will not associate himself/herself with terrorism. Our population is increasing but job opportunities are not increasing in that proportion. 

As a result, more and more youths are unemployed every day. These unemployed youths are joining the terrorists and increasing the extent of terrorism. So unemployment is the main cause of terrorism.

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