Higher Education in our Country is Defective

Higher Education in our Country is Defective

Higher Education in our Country is Defective

Higher education means education at higher institutions like universities. It is the education after the intermediate level. Higher education gives Bachelor's and Master's degrees to students. Apart from universities, some colleges offer higher education too.

Higher education in our country is defective on many counts. First of all, it is not vocational or job oriented. So, the students get degrees in some subjects but do not get employment in the job market. 

In this way, it creates a huge number of educated youths but they remain unemployed. Moreover, they earn degrees in Bangla without knowing English. This is another cause of their failure to get a good job.

In the past, some colleges were named university colleges without upgrading them to the level of a university. The infrastructure, teaching staff, and other facilities remained almost the same as before. Moreover, these institutions could not attract meritorious students. Therefore, the degrees imparted through these university colleges were not up to the standard.

Public universities have plunged into hundreds of problems. Political programs hamper the academic atmosphere, teachers are engaged in politics, teachers are recruited, on the basis of political allegiance, classrooms are crowded and terrorist activities lead to the frequent closure of universities. 

As a result, session jam is a regular feature. Moreover, good teachers go to private universities to earn more money neglecting their main duty and responsibility. Some of the teachers are busier with project work than taking classes. 

There is a large number of teachers who never enter the classes but remain busy with politics and groupings. So, the quality of education is degrading and the students are getting only certificates which are nothing more than colored pieces of paper.

In private universities, only rich students can afford to study, because it needs a lot motley. At the same time, merit is often overlooked if a student can pay a lot of money for admission.

Therefore, higher education in our country is defective. The only way to get rid of this situation is to introduce vocational or job-based education for the development of our nation.

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