Student Life- The Formative Period of Life (ছাত্রজীবন-জীবন গঠনের সময়)

Student Life- The Formative Period of Life (ছাত্রজীবন-জীবন গঠনের সময়)

Student Life- The Formative Period of Life (ছাত্রজীবন-জীবন গঠনের সময়)

Student life is that part of life that is spent in receiving education and acquiring knowledge from primary school to college or university. It is the time when the seed of future success is to be sown. As he sows at this period, so will he reap in the future years. 

The first and foremost duty in student life is to acquire knowledge. A student should remember that knowledge is power. He should read not only his prescribed books but also the books of famous writers in different branches of study. 

He has also to read newspapers, journals, and magazines and widen his outlook. He has to fix his aim in life and equip himself for that profession. He should keep in mind that the students of today are the leaders of the nation in the future. Therefore, a student should not waste his time, energy, and faculties on matters other than education and learning.

character is a very important factor in life. It is only the men of character who can earn laurels. Student life is the proper time to build up character. He should acquire the virtues of honesty, truthfulness, diligence, self-help, and perseverance. He should develop a sense of discipline, punctuality, and dignity of labor. 

He should be obedient to parents, teachers, and superiors in society. He should have polite behavior and pleasing manners. He should rise early and take physical exercise to build up his body and maintain his health.

Students should never forget the importance of this period. As the future of the nation depends on them, they should equip themselves with the proper knowledge and capabilities to bear the responsibilities of the nation in the years to come.

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