Education should be Made Compulsory

Education should be Made Compulsory

Education should be Made Compulsory

Education is the process by which our mind develops through formal learning at an institution like a school, college, or university. It is mental and intellectual training. It provides us with opportunities and gives us the strength to meet the challenges of life. It helps us overcome the obstacles to progress and development. 

The purpose of education is to enlighten the individual and develop his/her capacity to the limit. It empowers our minds and refines/our sensibility. It broadens our outlook and helps us make the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, fair and foul, black and white, etc.

Education should be made compulsory for all citizens for the overall development of the people as well as the country, I strongly support this opinion for the following reasons. Education is the tool for the development of individual knowledge and skill. 

When the people of a country are educated, their skills and knowledge accumulated for the benefit of the country. Thus, the national standard of education rises to the desired height. Education familiarizes people with science, technology, and the latest innovations in the world. 

This type of knowledge of our people can be useful for the exploration, extraction, and utilization of our natural resources including gas and oil. The mental enlightenment of the people is achieved through education. 

This aspect of human resources development ultimately contributes to brotherhood, cooperation, and fellow feeling among the people of the country. Education helps human beings to differentiate between good and evil. 

The individual choice of good ultimately becomes a collective force to prevent corrupt practices, defeat terrorism, and uphold fair play in all spheres of national life.

No nation can develop and prosper leaving a group of people behind or keeping an area under the cover of the darkness of illiteracy. Here is the necessity of compulsory education for all. If my son is educated but my daughter is not my family is half-educated. 

Likewise, if men are educated and women are not the nation is half-educated. If the people of some places or communities are educated but some others are deprived then the country is partially educated.

Therefore, education should be made compulsory for all men and women of all areas, communities, professions, and religions for the balanced development of the nation.

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