Government Alone Cannot Remove Illiteracy for Bangladesh

Government Alone cannot Remove Illiteracy

Government Alone cannot Remove Illiteracy

All illiteracy is a curse for us. Because illiteracy hinders our national development. To be frank only 40% of our people are literate. The remaining 60% of people are ignorant and illiterate.

Now at the initial stage, it seems that only our government can eliminate illiteracy in the best possible order. Government personnel with all its device can legitimately help the people to be educated without the least possible doubt and delay. 

From the public census, the government can easily assess the number of illiterate residing both in rural and urban areas. Based on all the academic institutions and the seat of learning, the Government can easily extend its patronization to minimize illiteracy. 

To fulfill this aim it caps the use of devices like broadcasting several educative programs both on the TV and the radio, extending the range of adult education, removing superstitious beliefs and poverty emphasizing female education. 

An extra, amount may be kept reserved and a bill must be passed in parliament to make necessary arrangements for bringing' down illiteracy in our country.

But if we consider the fact practically, we can easily understand that government alone is not able, to eliminate illiteracy from society. There are a lot of obstacles that Government alone cannot remove. 

Government and people can work as a helping hand for each other in this aspect. Students can play a role to render help in removing illiteracy. Holding schools and madrasahs the students can play the responsibility to teach their fellow brothers and sisters. 

In rural and urban areas, government and non-government employees can also do something for removing illiteracy from their families. On a cooperative voluntary, basis, literate people can lend their hands by teaching illiterate people. 

The head of the family or housewife can also teach a little boy or girl working in the home. In fine, it is suggested that the combined procedure of both the government and citizens should be to remove illiteracy.

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