Duties to Parents (পিতামাতার প্রতি কর্তব্য) Composition 250 words paragraph in English

Duties to Parents (পিতামাতার প্রতি কর্তব্য)

Duties to Parents (পিতামাতার প্রতি কর্তব্য) Composition 250 words paragraph in English

Introduction: Our parents are the source of our life on Earth. They are our dearest and nearest persons. So parent's position is next to God. They have looked after us from our infancy with the greatest care and love. Without their loving care, our existence on earth would be impossible. So naturally, we have some duties to them.

The teaching of religion: All the religions in this world have imposed the duty to parents. According to Islam, our heaven lies under the feet of our Mother. Islam says that the satisfaction of the Father means the satisfaction of Allah. So if we can satisfy our parents Allah will be satisfied with us.

Obedience to them: The love and care with which parents have brought up us can never be repaid. Therefore we should serve and please them by good conduct. All children should be obedient to their parents. They should act according to their direction and advice. We must speak with them very politely. Never we should show our anger to them.

Religious duty: We should always look to the happiness and comfort of our parents. We will pray to Allah for their happiness. We should pray like this "O Allah please make them happy as they made us happy in our infancy." 

Disobedience to parents: Disobedience to parents is an unforgivable sin. None can prosper in life without obeying his parents. A disobedient child must suffer in the long run. Our parent's position is next to Allah. So Allah is pleased with us if our parents are pleased with us. The disobedience to the parents is similar to the disobedience to Allah.

Conclusion: Parents are the nearest persons in the world. They are always with us. In our danger, everybody may leave us but our parents will be with us in any condition. Their heart always yearns for us. So our duties to parents knew no bounds.

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