Dignity of Labour (শ্রমের মর্যাদা) Composition 250 words paragraph in English

Dignity of Labour (শ্রমের মর্যাদা)

Dignity of Labour (শ্রমের মর্যাদা) Composition 250 words paragraph in English

Introduction: God has given us hands and strength for work. Work is wealth. It contributes to the progress, development and happiness of a country. No labour goes unrewarded. All labour is sacred and full of dignity. Food for work: We eat to live. The food that we eat comes from the labour of the farmers. If the farmers do not invest their labour in agriculture, they cannot produce food. So we should bear in mind that behind the production of food that we eat to live, there is great labour.

Utility of labour: In the affairs of our daily life labour plays an important role. If the ploughmen, the carpenter, the smith and the people whose occupation involves labour do not work we all will die of starvation. There will be no progress in the world. Behind all the progress and prosperity there are thousand and thousand of labourers hard labour. The success of a student depends on his hard labour for long days.

The dignity of labour in developed countries: In developed countries, labour is considered sacred and full of dignity. They have respect for any kind of labour. Even a mason, a sweeper or any day labourer owns a car. A university student works in a factory. In that society, a cultivator is as honoured and respected as a lawmaker or a teacher. They like to work while we the people of Bangladesh always try to avoid physical labour. For example, the Japanese are demonstrating for increasing work hours, while in Bangladesh we are demonstrating for curtailing work hours.

A false sense of dignity: Some educated people in our society have a false sense of dignity. They look down upon manual work. They consider it beneath their dignity to carry even a small load. But they should realise the fact that all work ranks the same with God. There is nothing undignified in manual labour. A cobbler or a sweeper should not be looked down upon. Their works are sacred. They help us a lot. We need them again and again. Only a dishonest person should be looked down upon.

Conclusion: Labour is the only thing that can make one prosper. So people in our country should be convinced of the dignity of labour. Our unemployment problem will be removed only when our young generation will consider all kinds of labour sacred and show the dignity of labour.

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