Honesty (সততা) Composition 250 words paragraph in English

Honesty (সততা)

Honesty (সততা) Composition 250 words paragraph in English

Introduction: Honesty is one of the best human qualities. It is the most valuable asset. It brings success and happiness in life. So it is said that honesty is the best policy. It is called the cornerstone of success. By being honest, one can glorify the whole world. Honesty is the ultimate object of human life on all the roads to happiness, honesty is the surest and the best.

Advantages of honesty: Honesty leads to success and happiness. An honest man is loved and respected by all. He is believed by everybody. Mental peace and social respect belong only to the honest which cannot be bought for money. In fact, an honest man is much happier than a dishonest man.

Miseries of a dishonest man: The ignorant only follow dishonest ways. They want to gain their object overnight by dishonest means being allured by temptations. But they fail in the long run. They can never win the respect of the people around them. They always suffer from worries and anxieties. They are never happy in life. Everybody hates him. He has no friends.

Troubles of an honest man: An honest man has some troubles also. It is very difficult for an honest to be rich because never he can adopt unfair means, never he can tell a lie, never he can steal things from others, never he can take bribes, never he can cheat on other people.

The practice of it: Like all other virtues honesty may be acquired by practice. Speaking the truth is the best road to honesty. A truthful man is always punctual, dutiful, and straightforward. A person is to walk through the path of truth to acquire honesty. We must be all honest in every respect of our life. The Great men of the world practiced this quality with profound care.

Conclusion: An honest man may suffer from wants for the time being but he is sure to get rid of his wants in the long run. He gets help from all quarters. So for success and happiness in life, honesty is the best policy. We all must be honest to make this society peaceful. To be honest, is a difficult task. It requires patience, moderation, and above all integrity. Dishonest life is obviously a curse.

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