Corruption in Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশের দুর্নীতি)

Corruption in Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশের দুর্নীতি)

Corruption in Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশের দুর্নীতি)

Corruption is a vast and complex matter. It means any kind of dishonest, defiled, or illegal behavior, especially of people in authority. It is a major problem in third-world countries but it has been a burning question in Bangladesh. 

The list of countries having rampant corruption is headed by Bangladesh for several years. Transparency International found it as the most corrupt country.

Corruption may originate from want, the immorality of people, lack of transparency, unsolved problems, unfinished works, vicious politics, weak administration, and many after relevant things. All the sectors of the government and the administration are corrupted severely as well.

Taking bribes, nepotism, and malpractice of power are the natures of corruption. No department of either government or non-government like ministry, office, school, college, university, law court, police station, hospital, etc. is beyond the reach of corruption. 

Even the victims of accidents and dying patients are not left untouched by corruption. It has become customary in our country that nothing is done without the intervention of corruption.

The influential high officials and their assistants in our country adopt such techniques and pretenses to materialize ill motives that common people can hardly disbelieve or disobey them. The consequent sufferings of corruption go to the common people who are deprived of their legal rights.

Corruption has a terrible effect on all parts of society. It leads the country to anarchism. The law and order situation becomes deteriorated for corruption. The difference between the poor and the rich widens day by day. All the development procedures of the government become useless for the cause of corruption. 

However, this is a humiliating condition for us as a nation. It has spoilt our image at home and abroad. Above all, foreign donors and investors become reluctant to observe the large-scale practice of corruption.

However, the time has changed. With the same parade of the present government, all the people should voice against corruption. Nepotism, favoritism, red-tapism, biased attitude, etc should be dealt with an iron hand. Only our honest approaches can reinforce the government to ensure good governance. 

Inclusion Corruption begets corruption. It should be prevented urgently in all spheres of our life. Otherwise, we will fail to build up a sound and potent generation. We should look forward to ensuring a corruption-free society as well as a corruption-free country.

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