The Computer Or The Use of Computer (কম্পিউটার/কম্পিউটারের ব্যবহার)

The Computer Or The Use of Computer (কম্পিউটার/কম্পিউটারের ব্যবহার)

The Computer Or The Use of Computer (কম্পিউটার/কম্পিউটারের ব্যবহার)

Introduction: Science has raised human civilization up to the highest peak. So long we are enjoying the benefits of cinema, radio, television, telegraph, telephone, x-ray and so on. Now we are enjoying the benefit of another wonderful invention of science. It is the computer that has come forward to work as a substitute for the human brain. 

What is it: A computer is an ultra-modern electronic device for storing and analyzing information fed into it. It has no capacity to do anything by itself. It works on the basis of commands given by the operator.

History: The computer was not invented overnight. It took a long time and hard labor to invent the computer. Charles Babez a British Professor of Mathematics first thought of a formula that could help the human brain. His attempts were not crowned with success but he initiated the research leading to the invention of the computer. 

Finally, Mr. Howard Akin, an American scientist invented such the machine in 1937 as could solve difficult mathematical problems. So it is Howard Akin who goes the credit for the invention of the computer. After seven years electric computer was used at Harvard University.

Components and function: A computer consist of five major components. They are the input unit, the output unit, the memory unit, the control unit, and the arithmetic unit. A computer performs the following three functions: 

How the system works: Two principles work in the television transmission of sound and transmission of picture or image. It was found that like sound, light also could be transformed into electrical current. 

A picture is scanned to break it up into small elements of light and shade which are transformed into electric current by the cathode Ray tube. 

These light waves are received by the receiving sets of television where through the mechanical process they are rechanged and transformed into the image of the original picture.

* It receives data.

*It processes data by various computations.

* It emits data.

Variety of uses: The computer renders a great variety of services to mankind like Aladdin's magic lamp. It serves man in so many ways that cannot be counted. It translates poems or any part of literature. A former sitting in his house can complete the whole process of cultivation from plowing of the lands to the thrashing of corns. 

Trains and planes are run by the computer. Examination results are accurately given by the computer. The computer is used to extract minerals. The computer is used to diagnose diseases. A newer process of operation has been invented by computers as an alternative to surgery. 

Nowadays business, trade, and commerce cannot be thought of without computers. It is used to prepare documents, make lists of goods, store information and prepare budgets, etc. It is the computer that helps man to conquer space. Time is not far off when every brain work will be done by the computer.

Demerits: Everything has its dark sides. The computer has its own demerits. It causes diseases like respiratory stress injury and harms the eyesight of the operators. School-going children remain occupied with playing computer games instead of learning their lessons.

Conclusion: The computer is the greatest contribution of science so far made. It renders the greatest service to humanity by substituting the human brain and by saving time and preventing its misuse.

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