The Rainy Season of Bangladesh: Composition 250 words paragraph in English

The Rainy Season of Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশের বর্ষাকাল)

The Rainy Season of Bangladesh: Composition 250 words paragraph in English

Introduction: Bangladesh has become a wonderful land of nature. It has six seasons. The rainy season is one of the six seasons in Bangladesh. This season consists of two months. In Bangladesh it is a prominent season: Ashar and Shraban are the months of this season.

How caused: The rain is caused by the southwest monsoon wind that blows over Bangladesh from the Bay of Bengal. The heat of the summer turns a large quantity of the seawater into vapour which mixes with the air above. When the monsoon breaks out in the months of May and June, this rain-bearing wind is cooled by contact with the cooler current of air and the vapour is condensed into clouds and which causes rain.

The main features: During this season the sky is overcast with deep black clouds. The sun remains hidden behind the clouds and it rains in torrents. Sometimes it rains heavily and sometimes drizzles. Sometimes rain continues for days together. Rivers overflow their banks and a greater portion of our land remains under water. Everywhere roads are covered with mud.

Flood: Very often the excessive water of the rain causes a flood. The flood damages crops in the field. Sometimes it washes away the cattle and houses. It brings about untold sorrows, sufferings and miseries. The country roads get covered with mud and many of them turn unsuitable for communication. People cannot go out and thus poor people become jobless.

Usefulness: Rainy season is the time for gathering Aush crops and planting Aman paddy. The rain of this season lessens the intense heat of summer and stimulates the growth of vegetation and crops. They wash away the filth and purify the whole atmosphere. The farmers are anxiously waiting for the rains and if it rains heavily their joys know no bounds.

Disadvantages: This season has some disadvantages also. In the villages, all the roads go under water and they become muddy and impassable. Only boats become the chief means of communication. As a result, outdoor activities become difficult. Men have to sit idly and pass much of their time at home. The day labourers become jobless. Floods cause serious damage by washing away houses and destroying crops. Moreover many diseases such as malaria, diarrhoea and dysentery break out during this season.

Conclusion: Ours is an agricultural country and it depends mainly on rain. If there is no periodic rain there will be a scarcity of food and that will result in famine. Despite some discomforts and inconveniences this season confess immense benefit to us.

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