A Journey by Train that You have Recently Enjoyed: Composition 250 words paragraph in English

A Journey by Train (রেল ভ্রমন)

Or, A Journey by Train that You have Recently Enjoyed

A Journey by Train that You have Recently Enjoyed: Composition 250 words paragraph in English

Introduction: A journey is an exciting experience for all. But it is more exciting and attractive to a student as it provides him an opportunity to escape from the daily routine in life. I was therefore looking forward to the commencement of the summer vacation when I would get an opportunity to have a long journey.

Occasion: The summer vacation of my madrasah was getting near. I decided to spend this vacation with my aunt at Chittagong. One of my cousins also agreed to accompany me. We decided to go to Chittagong by Train. The train journey seems to be very comfortable and enjoyable.

Preparation: The day of my journey drew near and our excitement ran high. At last, the day of our journey came we arranged everything for the journey. My father managed two first-class tickets for us. We reached the Kamlapur Railway Station in the morning. We were waiting for the train. My father, mother, and aunt were with us to see us off. 

Scenes at the station: At the station, we were to wait for half an hour for the train to come. Passengers from different places were coming to the station by rickshaws, motor cars, private cars, etc. Coolies were running behind them. There was a long queue before the booking window.

The journey began: We occupied a comfortable room in the first-class cabin. When the time came for the train to start off, we all jumped in excitement. We left a sigh of relief. The train ran on. The gentle breeze of the open space cooled the compartment to the great relief of all the passengers.

The journey: The train started running at a good speed and soon we were far from the din and bustle of the city. We kept the window open and the gentle breeze of the open space cooled the room. The train was running through green fields. There were paddy, jute, and sugarcane plants here and there. They were tossing their heads in the breeze. I started reading a novel by Rabindranath and enjoyed the scene.

Scenes at the wayside stations: Our train stopped only at important stations, as it was a mail train. The excitement and hurry of the passengers boarding the train or getting down, the shouting of the hawkers, and the movement of staff were exciting sights. The majesty of the setting sun and the pathos of the departing day can best be the sun from a train.

The slow approach of darkness. The gradual and majestic setting of the sun. The flying flock of birds in search of nightly shelters all are charming sights. All the way I was either looking outside or reading the novels.

Destination: Nothing was visible except some darker patches at intervals. They were the homesteads or bushes and groves. The train slowed down and finally stopped by the platform. At about 4:00 pm we reached Chittagong Railway Station. Some of our cousins were present at the station to receive us. This was the first time we come to Chittagong.

Conclusion: I enjoyed the journey very much. The journey was very safe and sound. My cousin lost the charms as he kept sleeping almost all the way through the journey. I did not miss the chance to enjoy the proverbial greenery of Our country that charmed me very much.

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