Discipline: Composition 250 words paragraph in English

Discipline (নিয়মানুবর্তিতা)

Discipline: Composition 250 words paragraph in English

Introduction: The word 'discipline' comes from the Latin word 'discipulus' which means a disciple. A disciple is one who obeys the orders of his superior without any question. So discipline means training the mind to make it accept willingly the control of rules or orders.

Universal law: Discipline is followed everywhere in the universe. In the cosmos, we find that all the stars, planets, and comets are moving in a disciplined way. Without discipline, there would be collision among the planets and they would be destroyed. 

There are flood-tide and ebb-tide in the sea following certain disciplines. Blood circulation and digestion go on in the body following certain rules. In nature we see, everything going on in an exquisite disciplined way.

Discipline is personal life: Discipline means peace and progress whereas indiscipline means unhappiness and disgrace. So discipline is essential in schools, colleges, homes, factories, and offices. Following discipline parents take care of the children on the other hand children learn to obey their parents.

Schools, colleges, and universities cannot run smoothly if discipline is absent there. A teacher cannot teach properly if the student creates disturbance and does not listen to what he says.

In offices and factories, everybody must follow his superior; otherwise, there will be chaos and lawlessness and peace will vanish.

In games and sports: In games and sports we find the practice of discipline everywhere. In the playground, the referee or the umpire is all in all. The players must act upon their decision and obey the rules and regulations of the game.

All the players and directors must cooperate with one another in the discipline. Any kind of breach of discipline brings about chaos and disturbance in the game.

In the army: Discipline is strictly followed in the army. Everyone in the army leads a disciplined life. On the battlefield discipline is a must. The soldiers must carry out the orders of the commander. 

victory in the war depends on the discipline of the army. It is due to discipline that a small police or military force is able to control a mob of thousands.

Conclusion: So we see that discipline is indispensable everywhere from the playground to the battlefield. It is the root of all other virtues that adorn human life. To make this world peaceful and to be successful in life we must maintain discipline in our personal life.

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