International Mother Language Day: Composition 250 words paragraph in English

International Mother Language Day ( আন্তর্জাতিক মাতৃভাষা দিবস )

International Mother Language Day ( আন্তর্জাতিক মাতৃভাষা দিবস )

Introduction: The 21st of February is a historic and memorable day in our national life. It is also a red letter day in our national history. On this day the nation bows down with a rich tribute to the language martyrs.

Background: The history of 21st February makes us remember the historic language movement launched in 1952. The then rulers of Pakistan tried to impose upon us our mother tongue instead of Bangla. All classes of people of then East Pakistan burst into anger and raised a strong protest against this inhuman declaration. 

Some of the heroic sons came forward and sacrificed their glorious life for the cause of our mother tongue on the 21st of February 1952. The heroic people with strong Bangalee nationalism achieved martyrdom in the language movement in 1952. 

The movement was crowned with success and the then-ruling class understanding the gravity of the situation recognized Bangla as a separate language for the Bangalees in the then-east wing. Since then this day is called Shaheed Dibash. Every year we remember this day with solemnity and pay them profound tribute. 

UNESCO'S declaration: Considering the Bangalee Nationalism and the importance of the day UNESCO liberally declared the day as International Mother Language Day in 1999. Then the day gained new momentum. 

The day was declared a public holiday. The UNESCO declaration helped us to achieve global recognition. From now onwards this day will be observed as "The World Mother Language Day."

How to observe: On the observance of the day the national flag is kept hoisting at half-mast everywhere. People put garlands of flowers on the altar of the Shaheed Minar as a mark of respect and reverence for the martyrs. 

Different political and cultural organizations hold meetings, make speeches, and offer Fateha for the salvation of the language martyrs of 1952. The day is now observed internationally.

Conclusion: We, the people of Bangladesh are grateful to UNESCO for this noble and worldwide declaration. We should pay due respect to our language by using it in all respects.

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