Patriotism (দেশপ্রেম) Composition 250 words paragraph in English

Patriotism (দেশপ্রেম)

Patriotism (দেশপ্রেম) Composition 250 words paragraph in English

Introduction: Patriotism means the love for one's own country and people. It is an inherent instinct in human beings. It is one of the greatest virtues that a man may possess. Patriotism inspires a man even to shed every drop of his blood to defend the freedom and honor of his country. A man who has no patriotism is not better than a dead soul.

Examples of patriotism: History shows that the ancient tribes had a great love for the land where they lived and they sacrificed their lives to preserve it. A band of 300 Spartans defended Greece against a vast Persian army. The patriotism of the Soviet people under Stalin saved their country and the world from the attack of Hitler. It is the patriotic feelings that inspired the people of Bangladesh to lay down their lives in the struggle for freedom against the Pakistani government.

Nature of a patriot: Patriotism involves some duties and obligations. A true patriot places his country's interest above the self-interest of the individual. He will serve the country even at the cost of his own life and interest. He loves his country not only orally but also practically.

Great patriots of the world: True patriotism is rare. There is a great need for sincere workers who are ready to sacrifice even their lives for the good of their country. George Washington of America, Lenin and Stalin of Russia, Joan d' Are of France, Mao-Tse-Tung, and Chou-en-lai of China. Fazlul Haque and Maulana Bhashani of Bangladesh are outstanding names of the roles of the world's patriots. Their examples are still inspiring millions of people. 

Patriotism in the normal course of life: Patriotism does not mean heroic deeds or shedding blood in the war only. Any man who loves his country performs his own duty and sincerely works for the progress of a country is a patriot. In this sense, a man of any profession may be a patriot even in his normal course of life if he honestly and sincerely performs his duty in his respective field. But if he does not perform his duties and responsibilities honestly and sincerely and does not serve his country he becomes a traitor.

Conclusion: A true patriot always thinks and works for the progress and prosperity of his country. But narrow patriotism provokes imperialism and expansionism which does a lot of harm to mankind. So our country needs real patriots who will try to uphold the prestige of their country without having any hatred or bitterness towards anyone.

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