Agriculture in Bangladesh: Composition 250 words paragraph in English

Agriculture in Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশের কৃষি)

Agriculture in Bangladesh: Composition 250 words paragraph in English

Introduction: Bangladesh is mainly an agricultural country. About 80% of her population lives by agriculture. Most of her national income comes from agriculture. It provides food to her people and raw material to her industries. So the development of the country depends on the development of agriculture.

The condition of agriculture: Bangladesh has a very rich and suitable climate for agricultural production. Our agriculture is beset with multifarious problems. The soil of our country is fertile but the method of our agriculture is still very old and back-dated. The farmers cultivate their land with cows and plows. Our agricultural lands are fragmented into thousands of little pieces. Our farmers are illiterate, they do not know the scientific method of cultivation.

Problems of our agriculture and their solution: Every year natural calamities like floods and drought make great havoc in our agriculture to prevent these people and the government should work in co-operation to 1 extend irrigation facilities. Wasteland should be brought under cultivation. Soil erosion should be checked.

Distribution of better seeds among the farmers at low prices should be ensured. Above all our farmers will have to be educated properly so that they can adopt the scientific methods of cultivation in their agriculture.

Main agricultural products: The method of our agriculture is very old and antedated. Its soil is very fertile. So various kinds of agricultural products grow here. Among them is rice. jute, sugarcane, tea, tobacco, wheat, and pulse are the main products. Every year we export tea, jute, and tobacco and earn millions of foreign currency.

Improvement in agriculture: Our government is trying hard the improvement of our agriculture. Our farmers have already begun using modern methods of cultivation line sowing has already been introduced for the cultivation of rice and jute. Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI) and Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) are doing a lot to improve seeds and methods of cultivation in the country.

Conclusion: Our national economy is agricultural based. The development of our economy is dependent mainly on the development of our agriculture. Hence we should develop our agriculture and increase our agricultural production. Various steps have already been taken by the government to improve the condition of our agriculture.

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