Composition: Tea Or, A Popular Drink in Bangladesh ( চা বাংলাদেশের একটি জনপ্রিয় পানীয় )

Composition 250 words paragraph in English About The Tea Or, A Popular Drink in Bangladesh. ( চা বাংলাদেশের একটি জনপ্রিয় পানীয় )

Composition: Tea Or, A Popular Drink in Bangladesh ( চা বাংলাদেশের একটি জনপ্রিয় পানীয় )

Introduction: Tea is a common and popular drink in Bangladesh. Nowadays our daily business starts with a cup of tea. We get it from tea leaves. It is an important item of our export and it earns a lot of foreign exchange for our country. So it has become one of the main cash crops of Bangladesh. Taking tea at least twice daily is a common phenomenon in our day-to-day life. It refreshes our body and mind.

History: Tea leaves were first obtained from a kind of small plant which had its origin in China. There it was and is still called 'Cha' from which the English Tea is derived. In the past, it was taken as medicine. Now it is used as a drink. 

Where grown: Tea grows well in warm and moist climates. It needs heavy rainfall but it grows where rainwater does not stand. So the slopes of the hills of Sylhet and Chittagong are the best places for the cultivation of tea. Tea is also grown in India, Indonesia, Srilanka, and China.

Method of cultivation: The cultivation of tea is a difficult task. In the rainy season, tea seeds are at first sown in a nursery. The seedling is transplanted in rows at short intervals. It grows from four to five feet in height. Then the leaves and buds are taken from them. There are four pickings a year. 

The first crop is the best as young leaves and buds make the best kind of tea. Generally, women workers pluck leaves of tea. They are dried on sieves and rolled into machines. Then they are stored in a room for being black and broken.

How tea is prepared for the drink: Preparation of tea is a very simple and easy task. Some quantity of tea is put into boiling water. Within three or five minutes the tea is sufficiently soaked and the water turns reddish. Then sugar and milk are mixed with it and ultimately tea is prepared.

Usefulness: Tea is very useful to the people of cold countries. It is a cheap drink. It works as a stimulant drink. It refreshes our body and mind. When we are tired it soothes our nerves. It gives energy for work. It also helps us to keep awake. It is also used for making days.

Bad effect of tea: Tea is a popular drink but it has got certain uses and abuses. Tea contains caffeine which harms our health. Too much drink of tea spoils our appetite and tells upon our stomach.

Conclusion: The tea of Bangladesh is well-admired by people abroad for its quality. Bangladesh earns a lot of foreign exchange by exporting tea. So production and marketing of tea must be given utmost importance.

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