Composition: The Jute or The Cash Crop/golden fiber of Bangladesh

Composition 250 words paragraph in English About The Jute or The Cash Crop of Bangladesh or The golden fiber of Bangladesh. (বাংলাদেশের অর্থনৈতিক ফসল/বাংলাদেশের সোনালি আঁশ)

Composition: The Jute or The Cash Crop of Bangladesh or The golden fiber of Bangladesh

Introduction: Jute is a kind of fiber obtained from a kind of annual plant. Bangladesh is the real home of jute. Three-fourths of the jute in the world grow in Bangladesh. It is the cash crop of Bangladesh. It is golden in color. 

Every year jute is sold to foreign countries and earns a lot of foreign exchange. For this reason, jute is also called the golden fiber of Bangladesh.

Where grown: Jute grows well in low land in warm and moist climates. So it grows mainly in Bangladesh. Nowadays jute is grown in many other countries of the world such as India, China, etc. But Bangladesh produces the best quality of jute.

How grown: The cultivation of jute requires much labor and constant care. The land should be plowed and manured well. It should be harrowed again and again to make the soil loose and level. The farmers usually sow the seeds in the month of Falgun and Chaitra. Little plants come out after a few days. 

The plants grow ten to twelve feet high after three or four months. When the plants become fully matured and the barks get hard the farmers cut down the plants and put them under water for some days.

The bark is then taken off the stalks after it is rotten in the water. It is then washed properly, dried in the sun made into bales, and sold in the market.

Usefulness: Jute comes to our help in many ways. It is used for making ropes, bags, carpets, clothes, mats, brushes, paper, and many other useful things. The leaves are taken as vegetables. The stalks are used as fuel and fencing.

Economic value: Jute is an asset to our country. Every year Bangladesh produces about thirty million maunds of jute which brings her a huge amount of money from other countries. It plays an important role in our national economy. We earn a lot of foreign currency by exporting jute. For this reason, it is called the cash crop of our country.

Conclusion: The quality of jute is being decreased day by day, and as a result, the price of jute is very low, compared to its production cost. As a result, the growers lack interest in growing jute. So care should be taken to improve the quality of the jute and determine the price of the jute properly.

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