Your Native Village Or The Village You Live in (তোমার নিজ গ্রাম)

 Your Native Village Or The Village You Live in (তোমার নিজ গ্রাম)

Your Native Village Or The Village You Live in (তোমার নিজ গ্রাম)

Introduction: The name of my native village is Keshabkati. It is in the district of Barisal. It is a nice village situated on the bank of a river. Directly through the village runs the high and long WAPDA road. On either side of the road, there are fields and meadows.

Inhabitants: About ten thousand people live in the village. The inhabitants of the village are mostly Muslims. A few scheduled caste Hindu families also live here. The inhabitants live in the village in peace and amity. They are very much helpful and cooperative. They help each other. They share others' sorrows and sufferings. In fact, the. conduct of the people of our village is worthy of imitation by others.

Communication: Means of communication to and from our village are very developed. A road of the Roads and Highways department runs through our village from the district headquarters to that leads to the district of Bagerhat. There is a motor launch station where the launch service from Dhaka to Perojpur stops and takes passengers.

Profession and way of life: Agriculture is the main profession of the villagers. There are some teachers, government employees, shopkeepers, NGO workers, and some other professionals. The inhabitants of the village are simply innocent and free from modern vices. They are generally poor. Only a few Muslim families are well of. 

Education: Our village is very much developed in respect of education. There are a lot of educational institutions in our village. The village has a college, two high schools, three primary schools, and a Fazil madrasah. Young learners from nearby villages come to receive their education in different institutions in our village.

Natural scenery: The natural scenery of the village is very attractive. A small branch of the river Kanca and a big canal flow by the village. Some big agricultural lands are stretching to the horizon. Rows of coconut trees. chumps of bamboo and fields with green crops increase the beauty of the village.

Conclusion: My native village is one of the ideal villages in Bangladesh. I think our village is an abode of peace and happiness.

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