The Flowers of Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশের ফুল) Composition 250 words paragraph in English

The Flowers of Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশের ফুল)

The Flowers of Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশের ফুল) Composition 250 words paragraph in English

Introduction: Flowers are the special gift of nature in Bangladesh. A good number of nice and sweet-scented flowers enhance the beauty of nature of this country. They are the most fascinating object in nature. They lend colour, smell, beauty and charm to the land.

Kinds of flowers: Various kinds of flowers are here and there in our country. They are so many that we do not know even the names of there all. They differ in size and colour. Some are big, some are small, some are white, some are red, some are pink, some are yellow, and some are multi-coloured. Some are sweet-scented and some are scentless.

Some common flowers: The Rose, the Lotus, the Marigold, the Rajanigandha, the Hasnahena, the Beli, the 50 Gandharaj, the Chameli, the Karabi, the Jui, the Jasmine, the Champa, the Tagor, the Bakul, the Kamini, the Sheuli etc. are the main flowers of Bangladesh. The rose is called the queen of flowers for its beauty and scent. Lotus is well-known for its delicate perfume.

The Marigold has a bright colour and a strong smell. The Beli, the Jui, the Chameli, the Champa, and the Gandharaj etc. are all fragrant flowers. The Krishnachura, the Kabari and the Palash are all scentless flowers.

Flowers of the night: Some flowers bloom at night. They are the Rajanigandhas, the Gandharaj and the Sandha Maloti. All of them are scented and white in colour.

Flowers of water: Some flowers in Bangladesh grow in water. They are the Shapla or Lily. The Shapla is our national flower. The Lotus blooms in the ponds. The water hyacinth blooms in any kind of stored water. They are very fine-looking.

Charm and uses: Flowers are the symbol of beauty and purity. We love flowers for their beauty and scent. We present bouquets of flowers to our beloved persons and garlands to our leaders and visitors when they grace our functions. Bees gather honey from the flowers and store it in their hives. We also get rose water from the petals of the rose.

Economic value: Flowers are contributing a lot to our national economy. At present flowers are being cultivated as a commercial products. Nowadays flowers are exported to foreign countries and earn a lot of foreign exchange. 

Conclusion: Flowers are the most beautiful objects of nature. Nature has adorned our land with the most charming flowers in the world. Nowadays flowers are not only a symbol of beauty rather they have become a thing of commerce.

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