My Favourite Game (আমার প্রিয় খেলা) Composition 250 words paragraph in English

My Favourite Game (আমার প্রিয় খেলা)

The Game You Like Best (যে খেলা তোমার সবচেয়ে পছন্দনীয়)

My Favourite Game (আমার প্রিয় খেলা) Composition 250 words paragraph in English

Introduction: In our country, we have many outdoor games such as football, cricket, hockey, tennis, ha-du-du, Dariabandha, etc. Some of them are our local games. Cricket, football, and hockey are the games of other nations. But they are becoming popular day by day in our country. Of all these games I like cricket most.

Why I like it: Though cricket is a national game of Great Britain it has become very popular among many other nations of the world like Pakistan, India, Australia, Newzealand, Srilanka, West Indies, Bangladesh, etc. I like the game mostly because it teaches manliness, obedience, patience, perseverance, and cooperation.

Requirements for the game: The game is played between two teams each consisting of eleven members. A large portion of perfectly flat and smooth ground is necessary for this game. A cricket game must have a turf that must be kept soft by watering. A ball, two wooden bats, and two sets of stumps are required for it. The wickets are pitched opposite and paralleled at a distance of 22 yards. The game is to be maintained at a heavy cost. Cricket is played generally during winter.

Arrangement of the field: In this game, one team takes to batting and the other bowling and fielding. Three fieldsmen are placed on one side-one at square leg, one at mid-one, and the third at long-on. Six are put on the off- side-three at slip, one at cover point, one at mid-off, and the last at long off. Of the remaining two one are the bowler and the other is the wicket-keeper. The umpire, after consultation with the bowler, may change the arrangements of the fielders.

The scoring of runs: A run is said to be scored when the batsman after hitting the ball change position once with his partner before the ball is received at the wicket. If the ball crosses the boundary, four runs are made. If it flies over the boundary line six runs are made, when the ball hits the stumps the batsman is said to be bowled out, and when the ball rises up after hitting, and then if it is caught, he is caught out. Again if the ball is thrown against the stumps while the batsman is running he is run out. Nowadays one inning of limited over is played. The first innings close when the 10th player of the batsman is out.

Conclusion: I think that cricket is an interesting and exciting game. It is a game of patience perseverance and cooperation. Fairness is the very essence of this game. Of all these, I like the game most.

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