A Journey by Bus (বাস ভ্রমন) Composition 250 words paragraph in English

A Journey by Bus (বাস ভ্রমন) Or A Journey by Bus that You have Enjoyed a Month Ago.

A Journey by Bus (বাস ভ্রমন) Composition 250 words paragraph in English

Introduction: A journey is an exciting experience for one and all. For a student, it is all the more attractive, Or, A Journey by Bus that You have Enjoyed a Month Ago because it provides him with an escape from the daily routine of books and the classroom. I was, therefore, looking forward to the commencement of the summer vacation. I decided to spend this vacation in Chittagong. 

I think the journey by bus from Dhaka to Chittagong would be more enjoyable. The bus is the most available means of transport. In towns and cities, we go by bus from one place to another. When we go a short distance by bus we do not feel like making a journey. But a long journey by bus is an experience.

Occasion: I had an opportunity to enjoy the summer vacation with my aunt at Chittagong. I had my elder brother! to accompany me. As the day of my journey drew nearer my excitement ran high. At last, the day came when we had to start Chittagong.

Preparation: The day of our journey came and we arranged everything for the journey. My father booked two tickets for a very luxurious bus. We reached the bus station early in the morning. We were waiting for the bus enjoying the hurry of the passengers, the noise of the hawkers, and the shouting of the bus staff.

The bus starts: At last the bus came and we got on the bus. We had been waiting very excitedly for the bus to leave. When the time came the driver blew the whistle and the bus suddenly jerked. When the bus started off we left with a sigh of relief. The bus ran on. The gentle breeze of the open space cooled the bus to the great relief of all the passengers.

The journey: The bus started playing at a good speed and soon we were far from the din and bustle of the city. The road from Dhaka to Chittagong is very smooth and there was no jerking. The bus was going along the road with green fields and villages on both sides. It was a really very delightful experience to enjoy the green beauties of nature. 

Run the bus: The bus was running so smoothly that sometimes I felt drowsy. Suddenly I was wakened by a jolt when the bus stopped at Comilla station, where some passengers got down. All the way I was either looking outside and enjoying the natural scene or reading magazines.

Destination: The bus was running at a great speed and felt drowsy. Suddenly I was awakened by the jolt. When the bus stopped. I found that I had reached my destination. At 12 am we reached Chittagong. I was looking around with wonder. Some of our cousins were present at the station to receive us. This was the first time we came to Chittagong.

Conclusion: I enjoyed the journey very much. The journey was very much safe and sound. It left some pleasant memories with me.

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