Introduction: The word 'discipline' is derived from the Latin word 'Discipulus', which means follower. A follower obeys his elders without question. So discipline means preparing the mind to conduct one's life according to laws or rules.

Eternal Law: Laws are followed everywhere in the world. Every planet, star, and comet in the solar system moves in a regular manner. Without rules, one of them will collide with the other and they will be destroyed. The tides in the sea also happen according to certain rules. Blood circulation and digestion in the body are done according to certain rules. Everything in nature runs in a beautiful order.

Discipline in personal life: Discipline means peace and prosperity and chaos, disorder, and dishonor. So school, college, madrasah, home, factory, and office need discipline everywhere. Parents nurture their children by following discipline and children obey their parents by following discipline.

Schools, colleges, or universities cannot function without discipline. A teacher cannot teach properly if the students make noise or if the students do not listen to what the teacher says. Everyone should obey his elders in office or factory otherwise absence of law will be seen.

Sports: In sports, we see the practice of discipline everywhere. The referee or umpire is everything in the field of play. Players have to follow his word and obey the rules of the game.

Army: Discipline is strictly followed in the army. Everyone in the army lives a disciplined life. There must be order on the battlefield. Soldiers must obey the commander's orders perfectly.

Conclusion: In essence, discipline is essential everywhere from the playground to the battlefield. Discipline is one of the qualities that make human life beautiful. In order to make the world peaceful and to be successful in life, we must follow discipline in our personal life.

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