Composition: The Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

Composition: The Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশের বেকার সমস্যা)

Composition: The Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

Introduction: Unemployment means the state of being without any work both for the educated and uneducated person for earning one's livelihood. Unemployment is a worldwide problem. No country in the world can boastfully claim that it is absolutely free from the problem of unemployment. But nowhere in the world is this problem so acute as in our country.

Present condition: Thousands and thousands of people in our country are out of work. Finding a job is the toughest task. The unemployed young man has to undergo a good deal of trouble anxiety, mortification, and humiliation to find out a job. He has to run from office to office from man to man to get a job. But each time the reply comes in the negative. For want of employment, many people have to lead a vagabond life. Life becomes a curse and burden to them.

Causes of unemployment: There are many reasons behind the unemployment problem. The rapid growth of the population is the main reason for our unemployment problem. Moreover, our country is industrially very much lagging behind. There are few mills, factories, and firms in our country. Cottage industries are not in a flourishing condition. The mills and factories that we own can provide employment to a limited number of people. The same is the case with our agriculture. Our land is limited so it cannot employ a large number of people. Our system of education and the attitude of the students are also responsible for this unemployment problem. Our education system fails to give a student an independent start in life. It has little scope for vocational training. Our students have a false sense of dignity and prestige in being officers. So they run madly after jobs instead of being a businessman or a self-employed person.

Solution: In order to eradicate this problem we have to mobilize all our energies to this great purpose. A large number of mills, factories, and industries should be set up to create job opportunities for our unemployed youth. Our system of education should be changed and more emphasis should be given to professional, vocational, and technical, education. Our students and youth should be made to change their attitude to life. They must give up their false sense of dignity and shake off their mania for jobs. They should learn to choose an independent career having due respect for manual labor.

Conclusion: The problem of unemployment is worsening day by day. Timely and proper steps should be taken to eradicate it.

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