The Rivers of Bangladesh: Composition 250 words paragraph in English

The Rivers of Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশের নদ-নদী)

The Rivers of Bangladesh: Composition 250 words paragraph in English

Introduction: Bangladesh is a land of rivers. There are many big and small rivers. The Padma, the Jamuna, and the Meghna are big and wide rivers. The Buriganga, the Sitalakkha, the Dholeswari, the Teesta, the Madhumati, the Gumati, the Karnafuli, the Ishamati, the Garai, the Rupsha, etc. are the small rivers. Most of the rivers of Bangladesh rise from the Himalayas and fall into the Bay of Bengal.

The Padma: The Padma rises from the Himalayas. In India, this river is called the Ganges. Through Rajshahi, the Ganges entered Bangladesh with the name of the Padma. The Padma mixes with the Jamuna near Goalando. And near Chandpur, it is mixed with the Meghna and falls into the Bay of Bengal with the name Meghna.

The Meghna: The Meghna rises in India near Naga Monipur. The Meghna mixes with the Padma near Chandpur. 

The Brahmaputra: The Brahmaputra river rises in India also. This river entered Bangladesh near Kurigram and one branch of the Brahmaputra is the Jamuna.

Gifts of rivers: The rivers bring enough silt and make the soil fertile. Both irrigation and manuring are done by these rivers. The beautiful cornfields of Bangladesh are the gifts of her rivers.

A great source of wealth: Our rivers are a great source of wealth. Our rivers abound with many kinds of fish. The Padma, the Meghna, the Kacha, and some other rivers are the home of the famous Hilsha fish. We also export fish to foreign countries. Many people earn their livelihood by fishing and thus fishing solves our unemployment problem to some extent. Various kinds of birds also live in the rivers.

Source of energy: Our rivers are also the source of energy. The Karnafuli Hydro-electric Project is an instance of this. The rivers that have a strong current can produce electricity we can use those rivers, especially the swift flowing ones in the north-east region to produce more electricity.

Important for communication: The rivers of our country play a vital role in our communication. Transport by the river is still much easier and cheaper than by land. Thousands of launches, steamers, steamboats, etc. ply on these rivers.

Demerits: Rivers have some demerits also. During the rainy season, these rivers sometimes overflow their banks and cause floods. They also change their course washing away towns and villages. When the river overflows their banks they destroy crops, habitation domestic animals, etc.

Conclusion: The rivers of our country have become an essential part of our existence and living. They help a lot in the progress and prosperity of the country. The Rivers are contributing much to developing our country our country cannot be imagined without the existence of rivers.

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