The Prize Giving day at Your Madrasah: Composition 250 words paragraph in English

The Prize Giving day at Your Madrasah (তোমার মাদরাসার পুরস্কার বিতরণী দিবস)

The Prize Giving day at Your Madrasah: Composition 250 words paragraph in English

Introduction: Prize distribution day is a glorious day for all the students. On this day all the students are happy as it is after all an affair of the madrasah. It may be called the day of inspiration and evaluation for the students. It is the most awarded day of all the students.

Preparation: It was the month of February. By then the names of the recipients of prizes and medals on the results of the last examination had been announced. The madrasah premises were decorated with flags and festoons. A nice gate was built to welcome the Education minister who presided over the function.

Presence of the guests: The invited guests started coming by 3: 00 pm. The volunteers with their distinctive badges were all attentive to the guests. They guided the distinguished guests to their respective seats. Guardians were to sit on one side, officials on another, and pressmen, photographers, and students on different sides. 

The Education Minister, the chief guest came punctually at 4:00 pm. He was received by the principal, students, and a few teachers. He was given a guard of honor by our BNCC team members. Our principal led him to his seat. He was garlanded which was followed by loud cheering from the audience.

Proceedings of the function: The proceedings of the function started with the national anthem. This was followed by the annual report of the madrasah by the principal. 

He recounted the development that had been carried through during the past five years, the achievement of the students in the past and the present, in various fields of activity. 

He also spoke earnestly about the difficulties that the institution had faced.

Distribution of prizes: Then the prize-giving event, the main ceremony began. The principal called each recipient by name and announced the subject in which the award was made and the place of honor he occupied. 

The Education Minister the chief guest handed over the prizes to the recipients. The winners were vigorously cheered by all. It was obvious that those who cheered were perhaps, happier than those who received the prizes and medals. 

The chief guests' speech: Finally the chief guest rose to speak. He congratulated the institution, the teachers, and the students for their achievements and success. He assured that the principal's appeal for help from the government and the people would not go unheeded. He concluded his speech by giving the students valuable advice.

Close of the function: As the evening faded in darkness, the function drew to a close. The national anthem was sung. The cheering was tumultuous and slowly the gathering broke up and dispersed. It was quite an enjoyable evening.

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