Physical Exercise (শরীর চর্চা) Composition 250 words paragraph in English

Physical Exercise (শরীর চর্চা)

Physical Exercise (শরীর চর্চা) Composition 250 words paragraph in English

Introduction: Physical exercise is the regular movements of the limbs of our body following certain rules. It is essential to keep our body fit and to promote vigor. The human body is like a machine. A machine gets rust for want of proper use. Similarly, we cannot maintain good health and cannot keep our bodies fit for work without taking regular physical exercise.

Various kinds of physical exercise: There are many kinds of physical exercise. Some are especially useful for old and aged people. Walking, racing, swimming, rowing, riding, gymnastics, wrestling, etc. are good forms of exercise. Walking is an exercise for all ages. 

Those who cannot take any other exercise should make time to have a walk daily. All kinds of sports can be regarded as physical exercise. Modern games such as football, cricket, hockey, tennis, etc., and country games such as Ha-du-du, Dariabandha, Gollachhut, etc. all are forms of physical exercise. 

Suitable time: Morning and afternoon are suitable times for taking physical exercise. But the afternoon is the most scientific time for exercise. Exercise must not be practiced at noon.

Usefulness/utility: There is a close and vital connection between the body and mind. "A sound mind in a sound bay," is a wise saying. If the body is unsound the mind must be unsound. Education broadens our minds and physical exercise develops the parts of the body. It makes our muscles strong and the body active. It also improves our power of digestion. So to keep our body and mind sound and enjoy good health physical exercise is a must.

Bad effects: We must take into consideration that all forms of exercise are not suitable for all men. If a weak or old man takes part in a game of football or hockey it will do him great harm instead of doing him good. There are people who work hard for their living and need not take physical exercise. Again over exercise does harm to health. So we should take such exercise as would suit us.

Conclusion: Health is the root of all happiness. People of our country must realize its importance and make arrangements so that everybody can take physical exercise every day. We must take physical exercise to make our health good and remain free from disease.

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