A Journey by Boat that you have recently enjoyed: Composition 250 words paragraph in English

A Journey by Boat (নৌকাভ্রমন) Or, A Journey by Boat that you have recently enjoyed

A Journey by Boat that you have recently enjoyed: Composition 250 words paragraph in English

Introduction: Bangladesh is a land of rivers and canals. Traveling by boat is an everyday affair in Bangladesh. It is more natural and less costly. We have hundreds of rivers and boat is easily available everywhere. So a journey by boat can easily be made.

Occasion: It was the month of Baishakh. Our first terminal examination is over. We became tired and bored. We took a plan for a journey by boat to relax. Our four friends Sakil, Sohag, Kabir, and I decided to make the journey by boat and we fixed the date.

Time and place: We decided that we would make our journey on the weekend holiday and start our journey in the morning. The journey would be from Narayangonj to Narsingdi.

Preparation: Beforehand we had hired a boat. We all gathered at the ghat at 6.30 am. Reaching the ghat we found that the boat was waiting for us. There were two boatmen we took our breakfast on the boat. At about 7 am we started the journey.

Description: Both the wind and stream were favorable and our boat sped swiftly making its way along the surface of the water with great ease. The green banks with clusters of trees charmed all of our eyes. The far-off paddy fields as well as jute fields unfolded their green bosoms. 

Basking the old men in the sun, playing with the village boys, drawing the water of the shy village women, and flying various kinds of birds all cast a spell upon our minds. 

Destination: After a long journey we reached our destination. There we all got down from the boat. We had the desire to enjoy the boat journey thoroughly. With this end in view. We started making arrangements for cooking our meals. 

The boatmen supplied us with ovens and we collected fuel from the neighborhood. We cooked our lunch sitting in a circle, and we ate our lunch. Then we took a rest for a while.

Returning After rest we walked here and there. The beauty of the golden sunset on the calm water of the river made a pleasant impression on our minds. Then we began returning. On the way back we enjoyed ourselves with some jokes and fans.

Conclusion: In fact, our journey was very enjoyable and peaceful. It has made us forget the cares and anxieties, din and bustle of city life at least for the time being. The memory of the journey will remain ever-fresh in our minds.

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