Peasants of Bangladesh Or, The Farmers of Bangladesh: Composition 250 words paragraph in English

Peasants of Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশের কৃষক) Or, The Farmers of Bangladesh

Peasants of Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশের কৃষক) Or, The Farmers of Bangladesh

Introduction: Peasants are those people who live by cultivation. Ours is an agricultural country and most of the people of this country are peasants. So the development of this country mainly depends on our peasants. If our farmers live, our economy will exist.

Different classes of peasants: The peasants of Bangladesh may be classified under three main heads-The rich, the middle class and the landless peasants. The number of rich peasants in our country is so small that they can be counted on the fingers of the hand. The middle-class peasants are considerable in number. The vast majority of the peasants are landless peasants.

The rich peasants: The rich peasants have a lot of land property. They need not work themselves. They have a number of labourers working in their lands. They only supervise their work. They lead a kind of indolent life and go. 

They rise late in the morning and after having their breakfast take their seat in the bungalow and settle disputes among the villagers. They spend a lot of money on their luxurious life. They become rich by exploiting thousands of poor farmers.

The middle-class peasants: The middle-class farmers do not have much property as the rich peasants. Sometimes they work themselves in their field and sometimes they engage labourers who do all the hard work for them. The middle-class farmers are more active.

The poor and less class: A poor peasant has very little land, a plough and a pair of bullocks. But the landless peasants do not have any land of their own. He works in the land of others throughout the year. The life of a poor or landless peasant is very different. His life is one of continuous struggles against poverty. 

He spends the best part of the day working in the field unmindful of the sun and the rain. His income is so small that he can provide simple food and course cloth for his family. Sometimes a poor or landless peasant inherits debts from his father.

Contribution of the peasants: Farmers are the lifeblood of our national economy. They are saving our country and contributing food grains, economic products and prosperity of the country.

Conclusion: The poor farmers of our country work hard but they are always in want, with their meagre income. They can scarcely make both ends meet. A landless poor farmer sometimes inherits debts from his father and forefathers. 

To this, he is forced to add in times of misfortune and illness. Thus he is born in debt, Lives in debt and dies in debt. So we should not be indifferent to the farmers. We should come forward with the help of cooperation to change their lot.

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