The Village Doctor (গ্রাম্য ডাক্তার)

The Village Doctor (গ্রাম্য ডাক্তার)

The Village Doctor (গ্রাম্য ডাক্তার)

Introduction: A village doctor is a person who visits door-to-door and treats the villagers with their illnesses. He is a very popular person in the village. He is often called 'quack'. He has very insignificant knowledge of medicine, but in the village, he is an important person.

His qualification: The village doctor is not a qualified person. He does not study in a medical school or a medical college. There are some village doctors who do not have even schooling. He can only read and write. 

He works with a qualified doctor as his assistant for a few years. There he gains some knowledge in the treatment of some common diseases. Then he leaves the doctor and begins his practice in the village. 

Quack's position: Bangladesh is a densely populated country. Here the number of MBBS doctors is very few in proportion to its population. The doctors having MBBS degrees do not want to come to the village rather almost all of them are settled in the towns. 

As a result, the villagers do not get an MBBS doctor for their treatment and for this reason they are to depend on the quacks for their treatment. In this way, the quacks are held in an important position in the village. 

But sometimes a village doctor becomes very dangerous when he gives the wrong treatment and leads the patient to a hazardous situation.

Chamber of a quack: Financially a village doctor is not rich. So he sits in a poor dispensary of a tin shed house with an almirah, a table, a chair, and a bench. 

He sits on the chair and the patients are on the bench. He has very few medicines in his stock. He does not have any compounder or assistant for his help. He does all the work himself.

Importance: A village doctor is a simple man with a very simple dress. He tries his best to cure the disease of the patient with his little professional knowledge. He goes door to door and attends to the patient who calls him. 

Even he spends days and nights in the house of serious patients for their treatment. He does not take fees from poor patients. So all the villagers love him very much. He is the friend in danger.

Conclusion: A village doctor is of great help to the villagers. It is true that a village doctor sometimes worsens the disease, but even then his care and attention give relief to the patients in most cases.

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