The Natural Beauties of Bangladesh

The Natural Beauties of Bangladesh

The Natural Beauties of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a darling child of nature. The hill tracks of Chittagong, the waterfall, and the forests have made our land wonderful. Again the Padma, the Meghna, the Brahmaputra, the Shitalakha, the Tiesta, Karnaphully, the Jamuna, and many other rivers have made our plain land marvelous. Our land is so outstanding that many poets have composed poems about its beauties and charms.

Favorable climate works behind the beauty of Bangladesh. The southwest seasonal wind created from the Bay of Bengal in June blows over Bangladesh and being hindered in the east-north hilly region causes rainfall. Then the nature of Bangladesh assumes a new beauty getting the touch of the rainy season. The canals and the rivers are filled to the brim. 

The arrangement for growing crops from field to field goes on. Swans in groups swim in merriment. Flowers like lotus, and Shapla bloom and make our land beautiful. The scorching heat of the summer is felt less to some extent when the rains set in. After the rainy season autumn sets in. 

The plants and creepers of forest in the moonlit night of autumn, home, and hearth, and flowing currents of rivers attract us newly. Flowers of various kinds bloom. At the end of autumn, the touch of winter is felt to some extent. Then late autumn sets in. Fields are filled in golden paddy. People harvest their crops and carry them to their cottages. 

Then winter sets in. There is a severe scarcity of rainfall in winter. Severe cold is felt and green nature becomes dull. After that, spring sets in. New leaves sprout up in plants and creepers. Flowers of various colors bloom. It appears nature gets back her youth in new beauty.

Bangladesh is a land of villages. It seems every village is a wonderful stage of nature. Open green fields, plants and creepers bearing in flowers and fruits, forests adorned with creepers, fields enriched with green crops, everything makes our land naturally very wonderful. 

In fine, we can say that Bangladesh is a land of a variety of seasons. The games of six seasons are played here. She assumes new beauty in every season. In fact, no country like Bangladesh enriched with natural beauty is found in the world.

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