Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Denied Netanyahu's proposal to hand over the Palestinians inside Israel

Jerusalem: Palestinian leaders and human rights groups condemned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's proposal for handing over Arab populist villages under Israeli control to Palestinian Authority. The plan was released for the first time on the news channel of Israel News News. As part of a final agreement with the Palestinian leadership in this new proposal, Israel is allowed to engage Israeli occupation of West Bank occupied West Bank. According to a report published in Israeli daily 'Haritz', an Israeli official told Channel 2, "This issue is part of the proposal to take a coordinated action with Palestinians, not a separate proposal but rather a coordinated action with Palestinians." In Israel's Netset (Parliament) about the compulsory population transfer and the inclusion of settlements ) Member Youssef Jaberen said, 'It is unauthorized according to international law Dhan and will be considered as 'war crimes'. "He told al-Jazeera," The people of Arab descent living in Israel have not received citizenship by anyone's grace, but they are living in their historic homeland. "He said that it is completely opposite to occupying land illegally on the West Bank . These residents are occupying the land of Palestine. "The Haifa-based Arab minority rights organization 'Courtah Legal Center' said about 1.7 million Palestinians are living in Israeli cities and villages and they are carrying Israeli citizenship. Nearly a dozen laws have been deprived of their political rights. At the same time their access to state assets has been restricted. In a statement, the organization said, "This plan is an anti-racial decision, without the permission of such a plan or discussion - especially those who are directly affected by it. This will make their citizenship worse, temporary, risky and bitter of political discourse. '

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